Enoch's Folly
Enoch’s Folly

Enoch’s Folly is a full-length novel, published by Lucky Bat Books.

Alastair MacNaughton and his uncle, Chauncey Winston, have been at each other’s throats for decades. Nobody enjoys a good old-fashioned family dustup as much as these two, but their squabbling has created a deadly paralysis from which the family company, Winston Tug and Barge—the largest maritime transportation concern on the Columbia River—may not emerge.

To settle things once and for all, they make an insane, winner-take-all bet. At issue isn’t the turn of a card in some soggy waterfront saloon, but whether or not Alastair can complete the construction of the family eyesore: Enoch’s Folly, an unfinished, semi-abandoned floating home.

From the moment he rolls up his sleeves, Alastair finds himself embroiled in a lethal maelstrom of family legend, eccentric neighbors, break-ins, fires, and Chauncey’s malevolent machinations. Indeed, Alastair’s only ally might well turn out to be the irascible, telepathic river dragon living beneath Enoch’s Folly.

A sample of this work can be found RIGHT HERE.

This work is available through Lucky Bat Books, Amazon, KOBOSmashwords, Barnes&Noble, and many other fine retailers.  It may be ordered through your local bookstore.  (Additional links to follow.)

Enoch's Folly


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