“The Galvanized Life Jacket” Free between Feb. 11th and Feb 15th

Special Kindle Select edition of “The Galvanized Life Jacket, Special Edition” will be free between Feb. 11th and Feb. 15th. This epub also contains a novel sample.

Sam loves his wife, he loves his boat, and he especially loves new boating gear.

However, when his darling wife presents him with a new, high-tech life jacket, Sam begins to have his doubts, on a number of fronts. Despite his wife’s assurances to the contrary, this innovation doesn’t seem quite practical. A personal flotation device made out of galvanized steel? What next?

If you love sea stories, and if you love satire as much as Sam loves his boat, then set sail with “The Galvanized Life Jacket, Special Edition.”

Contains a preview of Enoch’s Folly, a contemporary family saga centered on a tugboat dynasty and a river-dwelling dragon. Think Ishmael meets Godzilla on the Willamette River.

To obtain this exciting story, click here: http://amzn.to/2nWNX8Q

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