The Print Version of The Many Hells of Daisy Wong is Now Out

The print version of The Many Hells of Daisy Wong is now out.  Even if I do say so myself, it turned out very nicely, a lovely addition to any bookcase.

Soapbox Rising Press has collected the Daisy Wong stories into a single volume, The Many Hells of Daisy Wong. This collection has been a longtime coming, but Soapbox Rising Press and I have finally buckled down and gotten it out, in both electronic and print formats. The press’s publisher went above and beyond with both interior and cover design.

Like so much of science fiction, these stories began with a question. In this can the question was, what would it be like to be a cop on a thriving but dangerous space colony?

Lt. Daisy Wong, Space Marshal, lives and works in just such a place, Diligence, a Lagrange colony poised between the Earth and the Moon.

She never lets go of a case, and her record of arrests stands second to none.

And with good reason. As the savvy child of the boss of a criminal tong, Daisy knows the solar system’s criminal underculture and she knows the milieu of public legality. She also knows that the two are inseparable.

Every hour brings Daisy a new challenge, a new threat, a new race between life and death.

Daisy, however, is no marble paragon of self-righteous virtue. She has her failings, one of which is her love of smoking her uncle Connie Nine Pipes opium.

So come along with Lt. Daisy Wong as she solves crimes, rights wrongs, smokes her beloved opium, flirts with the habitat’s coroner, and kicks miscreant butt.

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