Damsel in Distress” Free between Feb. 6th and Feb 10th

The Kindle Select edition of “Damsel in Distress, Special Edition” will be free between Feb. 6th and Feb. 10th. This epub also contains a novel sample.

“Damsel in Distress” offers a nautical tale of life and death in the frigid waters of the North Pacific.

The prudent skipper avoids reefs, rocks, and shipping containers . . . or tries to.

Off the coast of Japan, the freighter Pacific Trading Victor loses a clutch of cargo containers. All but one sinks. The currents propel this sole survivor toward the coast of the Pacific Northwest. Invisible, it enters the same north-south shipping lanes that Damsel, a forty-foot sailboat, plies. And there it lurks.

Suddenly, Damsel strikes the steal-walled monster. In one rending instant, the collision opens a gash in Damsel‘s fragile hull. Seawater, cold and relentless, gushes in.

As the crisis deepens, the boat’s owners discover they have much more to deal with than their terror and deadly waters filling their beloved yacht.

Contains a sample of The View that Disappeared, a contemporary mystery set on the spectacular shores Puget Sound.

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