Milestone Reached

Yesterday was something of a milestone. I finished the 134K-word draft of the first three volumes of a science-fiction series I’m writing.

The working title for the series is THE JOLLY TARS IN OUTER SPACE. The first three volumes have working titles of RENDEZVOUS WITH DESTINY, ENCOUNTER WITH SWEET BETSY,  and ENGAGEMENT WITH GUILLOTINE. Destiny, Sweet Betsy, and Guillotine are ship names.

By the time I’m finished, each book should come it at about 55K to 60K words.

This series is part military science fiction/space opera and part satire, and so far it has been a blast to write. My publisher and I are working on the covers and interior layouts.

It’s too soon in the process to start talking about blurbs and jacket copy.

If things go as I expect, they should launch in the spring of 2018.

Beginning the journey

The version of this post that went up on Facebook had the picture on the left.

No, I’m not staring at myself across a crowded cockpit.  The picture on the right is from an earlier trip.

In both cases, that’s yours truly at the helm of my sailboat. Have absolutely no doubt: nothing will settle the mind and put the world into perspective like conning a sailboat–rain, shine, fog, or dead of night. Even hard aground, it’s all better than good.


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