Dangerous Ambitions is Free Until Dec. 7th.

This time around I’m offering a single title, Dangerous Ambitions, a full-length collection of science-fiction short stories.

Here’s the sparkling and unforgettable pitch:

The Special Kindle Select edition of Dangerous Ambitions is being offered for free between Dec. 3rd and Dec. 7th.

Have you ever wanted to do something that didn’t work out the way you’d imagined it would?

I remember trying to ride my motor scooter over a pile of dirt, thinking the “jump” would be great fun. I ended up breaking my arm. No big deal in the scheme of things, but a broken arm is small potatoes compared to some of the “stuff” people—and governments, by the way—get themselves into. Sadly, the boys have never been home by Christmas.

The bottom line is that we’ve all had ambitions that turned out to be dangerous.

Often we knew about the risks going in, but we went nevertheless. Ever try to start a business? Ever date a slob you figured was going to change his/her ways? At those times, we were, as they say, a danger to ourselves and others. Just as often we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

Starting out, most of these ambitions may have been reasonable enough, but as things worked out, we’d bought the paintjob. I remember one particular boat that just needed a little work…

Sometimes, however, our ambitions can turn truly perilous. They can threaten our own well-being, or the lives of those around us, or our towns, or our countries, or even our civilizations. Prohibition—an effort to eliminate the abuse of alcohol—unleashed not reform and sobriety but wholesale slaughter and corruption. I could go on, but I won’t bore you. You’re probably bored enough, already.

One last point. Innovation can bring about chaos and collapse. Costs can overwhelm benefits. Bad can overwhelm good. A side-hustle can spin out of control, life being the icy road it is. Reform can turn into nightmare.

This full-length collection contains nine short stories and samples for two novels that play on the theme of dangerous ambitions, personal and societal.

If these topics intrigue you, if you enjoy watching train wrecks from a safe distance, then snap up your copy of Dangerous Ambitions right away.

Here’s the link: http://amzn.to/2zIMaJc


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