The Mystery Novel The View that Disappeared is Now Available

Ever wonder what you’d do if your buddies at the active-senior-living facility started going face-down in their morning oatmeal?  How would you react if you found out that an angel of death, a hidden serial killer was thinning the herd?

You’d do more than avoid the oatmeal at breakfast, that’s what!

When octogenarians Jack and Betty Luckner move into a high-rise retirement center, they expect to make certain adjustments.  An efficiency kitchen.  A one-star dining room.

They do not expect their fellow residents to start dropping dead at the dinner table.

Armed with only an iron-willed sense of justice, Jack and Betty set out to track down the serial killer . . . before anyone can stop to them.

Drawing on the traditions of Dashiell Hammett and Monty Python, The View that Disappeared serves up a five-star collation of inventive murders, gallows humor, and courage.

Snag your copy now.  Here’s the link:


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