Unto Dirt Return is Now Available

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an interstellar colonist? To seek out and settle on new worlds? To brave the perils of multi-generational space travel?

Would you have the courage to confront the dangers, both mechanical and human?

Forget the dangers of outer space.  The real threats might well come from your fellow would-be colonists!

The generation ship New Mayflower nears the end of her voyage and the end of her tether.  Disaster looms as surely as the ship’s destination.

The murder of Isham Ellis’s charismatic grandfather holds the key to the fate of the nearly two million souls aboard.

But why murder an old man?  A farmworker who taught people about topsoil?  Out of revenge?  Out of fear?  Or did the murderer have a much larger target in mind?

Important questions.  But before Isham can answer them, he must decide whether or not to allow an enigmatic waitress to attend his grandfather’s funeral.

A generation ship at the end of her twelve-century voyage.  The fate of the ship and the colonists aboard.  The debts owed to the cherished dead.  Unto Dirt Return reduces it all to the ability of one man to speak truth to power.

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