“Comrade Stalin Goes to Mars”

New Short Story Release: “Comrade Stalin Goes to Mars”

I have a new short story out under the Kindle Select Program.

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 About the story:

 The scientists created him, a clone of Comrade Stalin. The politicians deployed him, a weapon to vanquish the rising tide of global chaos. He smiles, everyone’s beloved Uncle Joe, and goes back to work.

 The music rings from his dacha, and the screams ring from the Lubyanka.

 The cowards hadn’t counted on that. No, indeed. And so they exile Comrade Stalin to Mars.

 And he goes.

 Happily . . .

 After all, where better to renew the Great October Revolution than on the red planet?

 “Comrade Stalin Goes to Mars”, part science fiction and part political thriller, explores the surprising junction between terror and opportunity.




I am pleased to announce the publication of THE VIEW THAT DISAPPEARED, a contemporary mystery set in the Seattle, Washington, USA, metro area.

Due to the success of my previous Goodreads giveaways of advanced reading copies, I am now sponsoring a giveaway of the published version of THE VIEW THAT DISAPPEARED.

About the book:

He couldn’t wait to see the headline: Old fart dies in bid to recapture youth.

Octogenarians Jack and Betty Luckner have an iron-willed sense of justice and a street-smart fearlessness.

When one too many of their friends dies unexpectedly, Jack and Betty confront the possibility that a serial killer stalks their jolly retirement community. Armed only with old newsletters and a willingness to bend the law, they set out to stop the killings, but what’s to stop the killer from adding Jack and Betty to the body count? read more