“Danny’s Game” and “Cannon” are Available for Free until Dec. 12th

Here we go again . . . Act now, just in time for this year’s spectacular blowout shopping season, and other overbearing slogans.

Special Kindle Select editions of “Danny’s Game” and “The Cannon and the Voice of the Generations, Special Edition” are available for free until Dec. 12, 2017.

“Danny’s Game” presents a military science-fiction story, with a twist. A troop transport carries Private Danny Winslow, Martian Alliance Army of Defense, toward Earth. He intends to teach those pasty-faced, nosy, interfering Earther scum a thing or three about real fighting. Just like he’s teaching his buddies about playing poker. At the moment, however, he holds two low pair. A tricky hand. Trickier still, the boredom of grinding through hand after hand. read more


Dangerous Ambitions is Available Now

Dangerous Ambitions, a full-length collection of science-fiction short stories, is now available.

Here’s the sparkling and unforgettable pitch:

Have you ever wanted to do something that didn’t work out the way you’d imagined it would?

I remember trying to ride my motor scooter over a pile of dirt, thinking the “jump” would be great fun. I ended up breaking my arm. No big deal in the scheme of things, but a broken arm is small potatoes compared to some of the “stuff” people—and governments, by the way—get themselves into. Sadly, the boys have never been home by Christmas. read more


“Murder Aboard the Stantianna, Special Edition” is Now Available

Ever want to go to sea?

Imagine that you’re the first mate on a lumber schooner.  Now imagine that you’ve just found your captain and business partner brutally murdered.  Maybe he deserved it.  Maybe he didn’t.  Either way he’s as dead as a smoked mackerel.  What’s your move?

That’s the life-and-death question facing the hero of “Murder Aboard the Santianna.”

It seems virtually self-evident that the first order of business must be take the ship into the nearest port as soon as possible. read more


The Mystery Novel The View that Disappeared is Now Available

Ever wonder what you’d do if your buddies at the active-senior-living facility started going face-down in their morning oatmeal?  How would you react if you found out that an angel of death, a hidden serial killer was thinning the herd?

You’d do more than avoid the oatmeal at breakfast, that’s what!

When octogenarians Jack and Betty Luckner move into a high-rise retirement center, they expect to make certain adjustments.  An efficiency kitchen.  A one-star dining room.

They do not expect their fellow residents to start dropping dead at the dinner table. read more


Unto Dirt Return is Now Available

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an interstellar colonist? To seek out and settle on new worlds? To brave the perils of multi-generational space travel?

Would you have the courage to confront the dangers, both mechanical and human?

Forget the dangers of outer space.  The real threats might well come from your fellow would-be colonists!

The generation ship New Mayflower nears the end of her voyage and the end of her tether.  Disaster looms as surely as the ship’s destination. read more

2017 TRIP

The Flasher that Didn’t Work Out

I’m writing this toward the end of October, 2017.  Heaven only knows when you’re reading it.

My wife and I recently returned from a summer-long trip on our sailboat, and it’s now time to close the loop on a series of posts I did earlier.

Just before we left, I went to more trouble than you want to hear about to find and install one of the old flasher-style depth sounders.  I chronicled my thinking in a series of post about the virtues on flasher depth sounders.

There my new old depth sounder is in all its glory, a Lowrance 2460.  I installed it so it would hang down from the mounting arm for the radar. I rigged the Lowrance so it would share the same transducer as my existing Raymarine i50.  It seemed like a really neat idea at the time, and the installation did work . . . at the dock. read more


“Comrade Stalin Goes to Mars”

New Short Story Release: “Comrade Stalin Goes to Mars”

I have a new short story out under the Kindle Select Program.

 This short story can be purchased at

 About the story:

 The scientists created him, a clone of Comrade Stalin. The politicians deployed him, a weapon to vanquish the rising tide of global chaos. He smiles, everyone’s beloved Uncle Joe, and goes back to work.

 The music rings from his dacha, and the screams ring from the Lubyanka.

 The cowards hadn’t counted on that. No, indeed. And so they exile Comrade Stalin to Mars.

 And he goes.

 Happily . . .

 After all, where better to renew the Great October Revolution than on the red planet?

 “Comrade Stalin Goes to Mars”, part science fiction and part political thriller, explores the surprising junction between terror and opportunity.